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Data Importing and Translation Services

DJI Computer Solutions has been providing a wide range of data importing services for several different clients in our home area. We are now in a position to offer those services to our broader customer base over the internet. We specialize in database importing and translation but we can also import almost any type of data or graphics format into most major software applications. We can also take printed hard copy and import the data to the application of your choice. Here are just a few programs for which we can provide import and export services:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Lotus 123
  • Microsoft Access
  • Lotus Approach
  • DBase
  • Paradox
  • Text and Delimited Text files
  • Microsoft Word
  • Lotus Word Pro
  • WordPerfect
  • AutoCAD and DXF Files
  • AutoCAD and DXF files
  • Visual CADD
  • Vector Graphics Formats
  • Raster Graphic Formats
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Windows Help File and HTML Help files
  • Quicken and Microsoft Money (Import Only)

For a free quote, send an e-mail to import@djicomputer.com. Please provide as much specific information as possible related to the existing file format and the program you want to import the data into. It would also be most helpful if you attach the data file or a sample data file to allow us to evaluate the data. We provide solutions for as little as $25. Depending on the complexity of the solution we can often return your data in the format of your choice within a day or two. The data can be e-mailed or, in the case of larger files, copied to a CD-ROM and mailed.

If you do not see a file format or program listed above, please inquire anyway as we can also handle a host of formats not listed here. Any data sent to us will remain strictly confidential!