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Checkbook for Excel

Checkbook for Excel

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Tax Assistant for Excel - 2021 Version

We've completed the update of Tax Assistant for Excel for the 2021 tax year and it is now available to download. With the expanded child tax credit, we've greatly enhanced the ability of the program to handle the new credit and other dependent deductions, regardless of your situation.  We've also added Form 8960 for handling income tax on investments that exceed the income threshold. In addition, we've improved the Schedule E's in the program to better handle rental property income and losses. We issued our first release of the Excel based tax software in 1998 and have been updating it and adding new features every year since. It's the loyalty of our customers that inspire us to continue our long standing commitment.

Tax Assistant for Excel provides Excel based IRS tax forms that you can use to complete your federal income tax filing or prepare a quick estimate of your taxes with easy to use forms without a bunch of questions. Even if you use other dedicated tax software to file your taxes, Tax Assistant for Excel provides a great method for keeping a permanent record of your tax return in the universal Excel file format. You can also use it to quickly model different tax scenarios before filing your taxes.

Checkbook for Excel - Maintenance Upgrade

We released a new major upgrade to Checkbook for Excel in 2021 and just posted the most recent maintenance upgrade that addresses a couple minor issues. This maintenace release is free to registered users of the Version 7. Last year's release of Version 7 was the first major upgrade to the software in almost 8 years, and it's been almost 25 years since we released the first version of our signature software . We've added a host of new features and updated the underlying code to make the program faster and more efficient. Checkbook for Excel is just as easy to use as always with the same intuitive interface and input forms. We have special upgrade pricing for all of our current users. Just download and install the new version and use the Import Previous Version tool to import all your data and settings from your the old version. The import process is seamless so you can be up and running with the new version in under a minute. Click the Checkbook for Excel link to read about all the new features and download the new version.

Tournament Tracker for Excel - New Version

We've just finished updating Tournament Tracker for Excel to make managing your golf events, tournaments, and league or group play easier than ever. The new version provides a number of user interface and ease of use improvements that make the program more intuitive. It also has a new Quick Score entry feature that allows you to enter hole-by-hole scores with minimal keystrokes. In addition, we've added the ability to import your golfer information, along with their handicaps, from Handicap Manager for Excel. This makes it the perfect companion program for managing the scoring for all your play. We're super enthusiastic about this new upgrade so to make sure you're ready for the new golf season, we're offering a number of pricing discounts:

If you're a Handicap Manager for Excel user, just pay the $29.95 discount price and we'll refund $10 once we've verified your Handicap Manager registration. Go to our Tournament Tracker for Excel page to download the program and give it a try. The download version is fully functional so you can give it a try for free. You only have to pay if you like it and want to continue using it.

Registration Payment Improvements

We've modernized and improved the payment process for our software to make the experience easier and more fluid. Simply click the link to the left for the program you wish to register, select the version or upgrade option, click the Pay Now button and enter the required information. We accept Paypal and credit or debit cards, and with the entire process being handled by Paypal, you can rest assured that the transaction will be safe and secure.

Get Your Finances in Order

We have just the software you need to manage all your bank and credit card accounts to help you get a handle on your personal finances. It's also the perfect tool for managing your small business finances and Paypal accounts.

Checkbook for Excel

Check out the latest maintenance upgrade of our most popular software. The latest maintenance release fixes a number of minor issues and provides several other enhancements. This a free upgrade for users of Version 6.

Visit our Checkbook for Excel page and Like it on Facebook. We'll be providing some helpful tips through our Checkbook for Excel Facebook product page when you like Checkbook for Excel.

Personal Finance Made Easy

Checkbook for Excel - Personal Finance and Bank Account Software

Checkbook for Excel is our most popular application and Version 7 has added a host of important new features to make it both more powerful and easier to use for managing your personal and business bank accounts, credit card accounts and financial ledgers. While other personal finance software makers are adding advertising to their releases, we're still providing helpful new features to make managing your personal finances and bank accounts easier than ever. Microsoft has dropped its support and development for Microsoft Money, which leaves Quicken with a virtual monopoly in the personal finance software arena. Now's a good time to try Checkbook for Excel and simplify your personal finances. You can easily export your Microsoft Money accounts in QIF format and import them into Checkbook for Excel. Don't sign up for the Quicken monopoly. The program can also import Quicken QFX, Quickbooks QBO and Open Financial Exchange OFX files.

Try Checkbook for Excel today! It's ideal for tracking and managing your Paypal transactions. Just download your Paypal history in the Quicken .qif file format and it will import perfectly into Checkbook for Excel. You can easily prepare reports of your various income, expenses and transaction fees. If you have never tried Checkbook for Excel, this is your chance to get rid of the convoluted interface and gratuitous advertising that plagues the more popular financial programs. You can download the fully functional version of Checkbook for Excel and try it for free for 24 days. We're confident it will simplify your financial life.

Tax Assistant for Excel - Tax Preparation Without All The Questions

Tax Assistant for Excel provides an easy way to complete your federal income tax return. Don't waste time answering 1000 questions and entering unnecessary information with other tax programs. Tax Assistant for Excel allows you to enter only the data you need in a fast efficient manner. Even if you use another program to file your taxes electronically, Tax Assistant for Excel provides an easy way to estimate what your tax refund or obligation will be before you formally file. You can use it to compare your taxes under different scenarios and get a head start on the process. It also provides an inexpensive way for you to keep a permanent record of your federal tax return in the ubiquitous Excel file format. This makes your tax records easy to access at a later date without messing with a bunch of paper or online forms.

Golf Software to Improve Your Game

Our latest version of Golf Tracker for Excel has 13 additional statistical categories and adds 12 more charts to the program that will allow you to track every aspect of your golf game with minimal effort. We've also added a host of other new features and enhancements that make the program both more powerful and easier to use. Get rid of that smart phone app that pretends to track your golf statistics and get your data out of the cloud where it will ultimately disappear forever. It's time to get serious about your golf game with the latest version of Golf Tracker for Excel.

Our latest release of Handicap Manager for Excel is available to download. It provides several new features that we think you'll find helpful. We think it's the best golf handicap software available. But don't take our word for it, download it today and try it out for yourself. The latest release of Golf Tracker for Excel is also available for download. Click the appropriate links below for more details.

Handicap Manager for Excel - Golf Handicap Software

Whether you're just tracking your own handicap or managing handicaps for a golf league or golf club, Handicap Manager for Excel provides all the tools you need and more. We have special upgrade pricing for users of previous versions. Version 7 of Handicap Manager for Excel is our most robust release yet. Handicap Manager for Excel continues to be the most convenient and comprehensive golf handicap software solution for golf clubs, golf leagues and personal use. In addition to handicap calculation and tracking, the program also provides the ability to track additional statistical information for each round of golf you play. The "Member Mode" feature allows members of your golf club to post their own scores without having access to other more critical program functions. Handicap Manager for Excel provides the latest handicap methods as well as traditional handicap calculation options, while continuing to provide infinite possibilities for user-defined custom handicapping options.

The program provides a new "Global" Handicap System that has the same features as the World Handicap System™ (WHS™) that took effect in 2020. However, unlike the WHS™, the new features are optional so it can be customized to suit your particular situation. The software continues to provide the Traditional calculation method that was previusly used so you can continue using your current calculation method if you choose. In addition, the Custom handicap calculation option, that allows you to define your own handicap calculation parameters, has been enhanced with additional options.

If you are a user of a previous version, you can use the "Import Previous Version" button on the Welcome popup screen to import the data from your current version into the latest release. In addition, most of your report settings will be imported so there is no need to reformat your existing reports. We've also improved a number of existing features to make the program more intuitive and easier to use.

 We want to assure you that Handicap Manager for Excel will continue to fill all your golf handicapping needs regardless of which handicap calculation method you choose. We've provided updates on our Handicap Manager for Excel Facebook page explaining the changes, so use the link above to follow us on Facebook for the latest information.

We have been notified by the USGA® that we are no longer permitted to use their handicap calculation method and associated trademarks as they move to have greater control over their handicap system. This is also true for the World Handicap System™ that was implemented in 2020. Although we have always followed their methods and guidelines to a T (pun intended), we don't have the resources to contest their decision.

Rather than look upon this as a setback, we've taken this opportunity to develop handicap calculation methods that eliminates the inequities and onerous requirements inherent in their methods, while insuring that the handicaps remain fair and consistent. Although we expect our calculation to be close to the new WHS™ calculation, we believe our new method will be more flexible and more fair than what the WHS™ provides. Our new Global Handicap System provides options to turn off the features that don't suit your situation, making the handicaps as fair as possible.

Tournament Tracker for Excel - Golf Tournament Software

Tournament Tracker for Excel is our newest golf related software. It features hole by hole tournament tracking that automatically applies handicaps, calculates net hole scores, calculates scoring for various team and better ball formats, creates custom scorecards with stroke hole designations for each golfer, automatically determines skins and other tournament and event scoring. It makes score entry easy and provides a final print out of scores and match results along with a host of other features for managing your golf tournament or golf event.

Golf Tracker for Excel - Golf Statistic Software for the Serious Golfer

Commit yourself to improving your game this year. Golf Tracker for Excel provides an easy way to track all you vital golf statistics and measure improvements in all aspects of your game. You don't have time to waste so Golf Tracker for Excel provides you with a complete set of analysis tools that allow you to focus your practice time on the parts of your game that need the most work. No other golf statistics software provides the range of features in Golf Tracker for Excel at such a low price.

You can use Golf Tracker for Excel to track an unlimited number of golfers, which makes the program especially well suited for use as a teaching tool to track statistical information for students, golf teams, golf leagues, tournaments, etc. In addition to tracking a wealth of golf statistics, the program also provides the ability to compare different golf teams, players of different ages and gender, compare yourself to average golfers or touring pros, etc. Our latest release is a major upgrade that provides a host of new features and enhancements.

Improved Customer Support

We've successfully upgraded our already strong customer support by providing same day resolution on most questions or issues. We were already resolving most issues within 24 hours and many the same day but now we're able to resolve all of our customer inquiries on the same day.

While many companies provide an automated response or canned responses to customer service inquiries, with our company you will be corresponding directly with the developer on most customer service inquiries. Also, since all of our applications are based on Microsoft Excel files, it makes them very portable and easy to exchange for customer support inquiries. As always, we're committed to providing the most responsive and thorough support for all our software.

Project Manager for Excel

Out latest release of Project Manager for Excel provides a much requested enhancement to the task priorities feature and greatly improves compatibility with charting features in Excel 2007/2010/2013 as well as the 64 bit versions of Windows. It goes beyond simple task management by providing full blown project management features like Gantt Charts, complete scheduling features and task assignments. Whether you are managing projects for your business, projects around the house, or just tracking your to-do list, you'll find that Project Manager for Excel is easy to use and does exactly what you need.

The latest maintenance release provides a number of new features to meet your project management needs. We've added the ability to include the task owner on Gantt charts, the ability to sort all projects and associated tasks at once, the ability to set reminders by default and an option for omitting completed tasks on Gantt charts. We've also added the ability to export the Projects sheet to a separate file. Just go to our Project Manager for Excel page to download the latest version.

Coming Attractions

We're looking into some options to better integrate our golf programs to allow them to work together. With the latest release of Tournament Tracker for Excel, we've added the ability to import golfer information from Handicap Manager for Excel. We hope to provide additional integration features in the future.

Excellerator Add-in for Excel

Excellerator is our first true "add-in" for Microsoft Excel. It provides a host of utilities for managing Excel names, comments, links, protection and view options. It is designed to expand some of Excel's capabilities and make others more accessible. As an Excel add-in, it operates in the background and is completely transparent until you need it. See the Excellerator page for more details.

Scheduler for Excel

Download our unique tool for creating schedules in Microsoft Excel - Scheduler for Excel. It provides a quick, easy method for creating schedules, tables and Gantt charts that you can customize for the specific task you have in mind.